A Brahms Symphony (1985)
Nancy Colahan, Christine Wright
Photo: Lois Greenfield


One of the goals of Lar Lubovitch Dance Company is to educate people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds, and increase awareness and appreciation of dance. Below are some education initiatives the company has that actively strives to achieve this goal.

Lar's Dance Your Dreams (LDYD)
An ongoing education program conducted by LLDC for middle school and high school students in all five boroughs of New York City.
Open Arms
An access-to-arts program, in which LLDC produces special student matinees during our New York performance seasons, making it possible for high school students in all five boroughs of New York City to experience special professional dance performances by LLDC at minimal (or no) cost.
Open Doors
A performing arts mentoring program in which a specially-selected group of high school students are invited to attend a series of dance performances with Lar Lubovitch, then meet up for post-performance discussions.

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