What is LDYD?
Lar's Dance Your Dreams, now a program that has been involved in the City's schools for over 25 years, is an opportunity for middle school and high school students to gain exposure to the movement, techniques, and works of one of America's foremost dance makers.
What are LDYD's goals?
  1. To ignite interest and enthusiasm for contemporary dance and the arts in general, by exposing young people to this vital form.
  2. To inspire students by providing examples of what they can achieve through discipline, dedication, and hard work. In other words, to show students that dreams are attainable.
How does LDYD achieve its goals?
  1. Classes are taught by veteran company dancers and can draw on both existing dances and new works under development by Lar Lubovitch.
    This means that the LDYD reflects Lar's originality and individual spirit while allowing students to gain insight into Lar's creative process and develop their own creativity as well.
  2. LDYD is designed as a flexible education program
    The program can be customized to the specific needs of each school or each group of students. Students can experience LDYD through a one-session workshop, a series of classes, a semester-long course, or a year-long course. LDYD can be conducted during regular school hours or as an after-school enrichment activity.

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